All Faiths Food Bank Canned Food Drive

Most Needed Items

This year at the Haunted Trails event we will have All Faiths Food Bank barrels. Ticket holders can bring in a canned food item to the barrel and donate it in exchange for a token. This token can be given to one of the scary cannibal clowns on the haunted trail. This is like a safety net. The clowns will not devour them if they hand off this token. The Haunted House will also accept tokens.


Barrels will be dropped off early – on Oct. 18th. One barrel will stay at the Ranger Station. Anyone can drop off food to donate for the food drive. This donation will not receive a token. Tokens are only for the nights of the event.


The other barrels will be at the event. Barrels will be picked up on Monday Oct. 28th.

Volunteers at Food Bank